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Evolution Fresh Juice

 Evolution Fresh Juice believes in a different approach to making juice, the cold-pressed way. It’s their way of helping protect the flavor and nutrients of the raw fruits and vegetables they bring into their juicery. No added colors or flavors nature didn’t put there. Just favorite produce, tasting as close to fresh picked as possible with minimal processing.

Many juices on the market have been heat-pasteurized, which may affect the natural flavors of the ingredients. That’s why Evolution Fresh cold-presses the juice using high pressure processing. This keeps fruits and vegetables chilled from the moment they enter the juicery to the moment you take your first sip. The produce is locally sourced and is rushed to the juicery, where it’s cleaned, squeezed, and pressed. Once they have crafted the juice blends and bottled them, they apply pressure equal to five times that found in the deepest part of the ocean to help protect flavor, color and nutrients while ensuring safety!


Hope’s Cookies

Several years ago, a cookie loving, Philadelphia college student named Vance Mcdonald Jersey Hope Spivak had a natural idea: why couldn’t store bought cookies have the same quality and freshness of the home baked variety? Why indeed?

Discovering the answer led to a journey which took Hope from her Mom’s homey kitchen ultimately to her own state-of-the-art facility where she watches over every aspect of the operation to bring you the world’s finest all-natural Hope’s Country Fresh Cookies.

Creating the perfect cookie didn’t just happen overnight. It took plenty of time, testing and tasting, and the talents of a team of master bakers. The results speak for themselves. Order a batch of Hope’s award-winning cookies and you’ll taste ingredients that are 100% natural. We use no chemicals, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives. We also use only the richest dark and white chocolates, imported Dutch cocoa, all natural peanut butter, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh creamery butter and pure vanilla. While most other cookie doughs use flour or sugar as the leading ingredients, Hope’s cookies contain 35% chocolate as the leading ingredient – enough to please even the most discerning chocolate lovers! That’s why they’re 100% delicious too!

Our commitment to quality is your assurance of getting nothing but the finest, freshest cookie again and again. Enjoy a natural phenomenon!

Whole Spice

The story began on the farm, growing and then selling spices at a local farmer market. The dedication and quality control left customers completely satisfied and of course the name and business grew.

WHOLE SPICE’s first concern is quality and freshness and this applies not only to the spices, but also to the herbs, blends and teas. They cater to restaurants, health practitioners and chefs from all walks of life. Their selection ranges from common household staples to rare and exotic varieties. WHOLE SPICE offers secure, around the clock, online access to the world’s botanical treasures. They guarantee that the herbs and spices have not been treated with chemicals and Vance Mcdonald Authentic Jersey they do not use MSG. Products are also Kosher certified.

What makes Whole Spice unique? All of the herbs and spices are ‘Freshly ground in-house”, and thus they ensure maximum freshness and aroma!

Sonoma Vinegar Works

California Wine Country is known for high standards when it comes to culinary values. Some of the top chefs call this region home. They know the patrons in their restaurants expect the best and only the best ingredients go into their dishes. Sonoma Vinegar Works supplies a diverse spectrum of the food community with a strong emphasis on the healthy living and sustainable products segment.

Sonoma Vinegar Works produces a full line of premium vinegars, including essential red and white vinegars, classic balsamic and varietal vinegars such as champagne, cabernet sauvignon and sherry. They also offer a variety of flavored and infused vinegars including pomegranate balsamic, black currant, mission fig, and pear champagne.

Stratas Oil

Stratas offers a complete line of premium oil products that will ensure your customers an outstanding dining experience. In addition, they offer Vance Mcdonald Womens Jersey the most complete line of zero grams trans oils in the foodservice industry.

Whether you’re serving fried chicken, homemade salad dressing, sautéed shrimp or a made-from-scratch birthday cake, the quality of the food is directly impacted by the quality of the oil. You wouldn’t damage your reputation by serving low-quality food. So why would you prepare your food using low quality oils?

For the highest performing and widest variety of shortening and oil, pan sprays or margarines in the industry, you need look no further than Stratas Foods.

California Olive Oil Ranch

California Olive Ranch believes in making great olive oil and healthy food available to everyone. They are so passionate about the quality of our olive oil, that they grow and harvest their olives with the same care that California wine makers apply to their grapes. They press the olives within hours of picking to seal in the fresh taste.

California Olive Ranch thinks you should know exactly where the olives in your olive oil come from. Their olive oil is traceable back to the California ranches where the olives are grown. They also believe that you should know how fresh your olive oil is, that’s why every bottle of olive oil displays the harvest date.
California Olive Ranch believes that taking care of the earth’s resources is the right thing to do…and it makes better olive oil. Their ranches use resources wisely and extend the water used through recycling and drip irrigation. They mulch tree trimmings back into the field and allow other farms to use the leftover olive pits.

Palo Alto Firefighter Hot Sauce

Palo Alto Firefighter Lee Taylor has been growing peppers in the fire station backyard since 1994. After each harvest he would make his famous and zesty pepper sauce- which quickly became a hot commodity.

Previously available only to firefighters in Palo Alto- now you too can enjoy the fiery taste of Lee’s Pepper Sauce. Using the highest quality ingredients, Lee has crafted the simplest ingredient list (it’s easy to pronounce everything) into a complex, full flavor sauce that stands on its own or plays well with other foods.

All proceeds go to Palo Alto Firefighters Charitable Fund.

Froovie Organics

Roger and Eric developed Froovie Organics with a simple goal: create a great tasting organic drink that actually is healthy, and that brings Vance Mcdonald Youth Jersey a smile to your face. That’s it.

Your consumers will love Froovie Organics drinks because they are ready-to-go, taste amazing and are made from only the highest quality organic fruits, vegetables and grains. Froovie is genuinely a “Drink with Benefits™”: anti-oxidant rich berries and teas, vitamin-packed veggies, and full-fiber ancient grains like quinoa are blended to create wholesome, nutrient-rich and incredibly satisfying drinks.

Foodservice operators love Froovie because it provides significant margins versus other fountain beverages or pre-bottled juice-based drinks. As the healthiest drink in the marketplace, the consumer proposition is a unique offering in any format.

Cloud Top Frozen Yogurt

Cloud Top is the labor of love created by entrepreneur, mom, and local Pasadena resident, Kathy Kim, who in 2007 set out to create the ultimate organic frozen yogurt concoction that would be both equally indulgent and still honestly good for you in a way that resonated with her personally—particularly as a parent constantly on the lookout for healthier food alternatives for her three young children.

Cloud Top is not only certified organic but uniquely fortified with health enhancing ingredients like Omega-3 DHA, Vitamin D, and organic Inulin, a natural prebiotic fiber that works harmoniously with the live and active probiotic yogurt cultures to help naturally strengthen the body’s defenses. And unlike the majority of other frozen yogurt varieties out in the marketplace, Cloud Top is made with only wholesome natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Best of all, it is delicious!

Sigona’s Dried Fruit

Sigona’s Farmers Market began as a small, family-owned produce and specialty grocery store.  What started out 35 years ago as an everyday farmers’ market has grown to meet a variety of needs.  Sigona’s offers a wide variety of local and specialty dried fruits.